Our physiotherapy team is trained to improve our patient's comfort, safety and independence and can play an important role in helping to improve quality of life. The physiotherapists enable patients to self-manage their symptoms such as breathlessness, mobility problems and pain. 

Meet the team

It's always good to put a face to a name, or voice, so meet the Physio team here at the hospice. 

While at home you can follow these exercise booklets to improve your independence and your confidence at home.



The movements should be done as prescribed by your physiotherapist. Please ensure you only do the movements you have been  advised to do. In certain cases the movements will have been modified to suit individual abilities. Please consult your physiotherapist should you have any problems with your assisted movement programme. If you notice any new pain during an exercise then stop that exercise and consult your physiotherapist before starting it again. Speak to your GP if you have any concerns or new symptoms.

More resources can be in the Advice for you section. Link below.

Advice for you

Self referral form

Speak the Physio team on 01292 269 200