At the hospice we can help you and your family make plans for the future.

We understand it can be difficult and can break the process down into pieces such as: financial planning, plans for times of increased illness, for end of life, and wishes about treatment and resuscitation.

Discussion can be emotional and doesn't need to completed in one session. Many people find the process reassuring; knowing their thoughts and beliefs are clear.

Circumstances can change; the care plan can be adapted to suit new scenarios.

In times of crisis, a clear plan can reduce some of stresses for all involved.


Our social worker Vicki Revie

Making an Anticipatory Care Plan

Anticipatory care planning (ACP) helps you make informed choices about how and where you want to be treated and supported in the future. It requires health and care practitioners to work with people and their carers to ensure the right thing, is done at the right time, by the right person to achieve the best outcome.

ACP puts people at the centre of the decision-making process about their health and care needs. By encouraging people to have conversations about what matters to them ACP can help:

  • manage change in an organised way
  • prevent crisis
  • reduce future stress
  • promote quality of life

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