Any healthcare professional can refer patients to the hospice, providing the referral has been discussed with and agreed to by the patient. Please also ensure that the patient’s GP or hospital Consultant is aware of the referral to the hospice.

Our referral process and criteria is clearly explained in our Access, Referral and Discharge Policy and Procedure document.

The preferred route for clinical referrals is through SCI gateway. We urge you to use this electronic format as the preferred route for referral as this will enable prompt contact with patients.

For those that do not have access to SCI gateway a generic paper referral form can be completed electronically and sent securely via NHS mail

The referral form must be completed in full to allow us to provide an efficient and focused service to the patient. Only hospital palliative care teams can make referrals for transfer to the in-patient unit by completing the generic referral form and an IPOS assessment form.

Referrals are received by our triage team who will, in consultation, assess patient needs and discuss which parts of the service might best suit.

Please note that all services are only for patients with life-limiting illnesses requiring services in addition to generalist palliative care: patients who have complex symptoms requiring assessment and potential input from our specialist team and who could benefit from our therapeutic interventions.

We accept referrals for

  • holistic assessment
  • symptom management
  • end of life care

Our counselling and bereavement service also offers support to family members of patients with life limiting illnesses. Individuals can be referred to this service using the counselling and bereavement support referral form. If the person being referred to us is under 16 years of age, please ensure the corresponding section on the form is completed. We also accept self-referrals from family members and carers for this part of the service who can contact the hospice directly by telephone.

Hospice care is non-denominational and is provided free of charge. It is available to people over 16 years of age throughout Ayrshire and Arran, with the exception of the patient and family support service which can be accessed by individuals of all ages.  The hospice operates an equal access policy, so that no person shall be disadvantaged or suffer adverse discrimination in any aspect of their care as a consequence of cultural, racial or social characteristics or any form of handicap. 

If you would like further information about accessing any of hospice services please contact the hospice on 01292 269200.