Counselling is available to adults who are experiencing psychological and emotional distress because of their own life-limiting illness. We also support people affected by the illness or death of someone close. The Ayrshire Hospice has two counsellors and two volunteer counsellors who are qualified to offer psychological support with respect and without judgement.

This is provided on an individual basis in a confidential setting, to allow people to explore and address any issues including those which may be making the experience of adjustment, loss or grief particularly difficult.

Counselling can be by video conference, telephone or in-person in various venues.

When patients have been receiving Hospice support we will send a letter to family members six weeks after their bereavement to offer support, but anyone close to the patient can refer themselves by contacting us directly on 01292 269 000.

People not already known to the hospice but are affected by the life-limiting illness of someone close can refer themselves by contacting 01292 269 000.

Counselling self-referral

Counselling for Children and Young people

The Children and Young Person’s counselling service is available to young people aged from 5 to 18 living in Ayrshire and Arran who have a loved one with a life-limiting illness or who have lost someone due to a life-limiting illness. Advice can also be given to family members of children under 5.

Counselling support can help children be more aware of their emotions around illness and loss, recognise and manage strong feelings and develop coping skills, while talking about and understanding grief.  

Our counsellor uses a variety of skills and resources, such as drawing and talking therapy and working through issues via play. There are books, toys and worksheets that can help children make sense of loss and death, and the resources used will be tailored to suit the needs of the child. 

Children can be seen at home or at schools, both individually and in small groups.  If the child wants a family member or trusted adult present during the first introductory session, that can be arranged. 

Referrals can be made by family members, schools and professionals known to the child by completing the form below or contacting us directly on 01292 269 000.

Children and Young People's self-referral