A Tribute Page is a unique and special way to remember a loved one. It enables you, your family and friends the opportunity to come together to celebrate the life they lived and the impact they made in a very personal and positive way.

The fund is named after the person you are remembering. Family and friends from across the world can donate and write a tribute. All the money that is raised in their memory for Ayrshire Hospice is allocated to the fund which you can watch grow over time.  It can be extremely rewarding to see a tribute fund grow and you can contribute to the fund in whichever way you choose.

Create a Tribute Page Here

To help your tribute fund grow, the Hospice is pleased to be able to recognise milestones with our Celebration Tree. You can choose your own engraving, and you will be offered:

  • A personalised rose gold leaf when your Tribute Page hits £500 
  • A personalised white gold leaf when your Tribute Page hits £750
  • A personalised yellow gold leaf when your Tribute Page hits £1,000

We're looking forward to being able to acknowledge your amazing fundraising achieved in your love one's name. A Celebration Leaf dedicated to their memory will take your loved one's tribute from a virtual space to a physical reality. 

Create a Tribute Page today for somebody you would like to remember and allow their legacy to live on. 

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