The Ayrshire Hospice was established to enhance the quality of remaining life for those suffering from any life-limiting illness including cancer, neurological conditions, end stage heart failure and lung disease, as well as to support families and carers facing the loss of a loved one.

Our hospice home first opened its doors on Wednesday 15 February 1989 with seven beds before further extension and expansion saw us grow to our current 20 bed facility today.

To allow us to continue to provide the level of of care that we are known for we require to address issues with the building ensuring a world class palliative care facility in Ayrshire for the next 30 years and beyond. 

This £13m project will enable us to revolutionise our built environment, improve our level of care for both patients and families, reinvigorating our educational and community access facilities and provide a hub of expertise which equally importantly allow us to expand our reach to all Ayrshire and Arran residents who wish to remain in their own homes to receive palliative care.

Our colleagues Healthcare Improvement Scotland highlighted, in their latest report, the urgent need to address issues in our built environment, including the phasing out of shared bedrooms and bringing greater synergies between all aspects of our service with co-location.


Main reception area


Rear private entrance