Lottery canvassers from Ayrshire Hospice are out and about across Ayrshire and Arran helping to promote and recruit members to our weekly lottery.  All our canvassers wear an ID badge, branded clothing and are pictured below, however if you wish to check that a canvasser is representing Ayrshire Hospice or have any feedback for us, please call our fundraising team on 01292 288488 or email [email protected].

Our canvassers can tell you more about our lottery, how to join and the ways in which the lottery supports patients and families in our community.

If you’re interested in joining the lottery, they will take a few details to set up a direct debit and it should take no more than five minutes of your time.

Every Friday members have a chance to win one of the 72 prizes from the guaranteed weekly prize fund. First prize is £1,000, second prize is £100 and there are seventy prizes of £10.  You'll also be automatically entered into our seasonal Super Draws where you could win up to £5,000.

Find out more about our weekly lottery here.