John's story

“I was very apprehensive on my first day. I am not a good mixer with strangers, but I was made very welcome straight away and meeting the team who introduced themselves and made me feel at ease. They explained what could take place i.e. workshop, complementary therapy, physiotherapy and have a walk in the garden with a volunteer.

All these things were only if I wanted to take part.

Every week I gained in confidence. Asked what goals I hoped to achieve within my 12 week referral. My three goals were to get back to salmon fishing, going to watch junior football and get rid of my stick.

Physiotherapy was tough sometimes but I worked through it. Reiki was excellent and the workshops very informative. I met some exceptional people among the patients. We seemed to connect.  Nothing is a problem for staff and volunteers. I looked forward to every Tuesday.”

Physiotherapist Claire Miller who worked with John added: "We had the joy and honour of having John attend our day services. Attending day services can offer access to a range of group therapies as well as individually tailored programmes. When I first met John he was clear on his goals and it has been rewarding to work alongside him in achieving these.

"Setting realistic goals allows us to focus on what’s important and John grasped this opportunity with both hands. We set small realistic goals each week and John worked hard at day services and at home to achieve them. We were delighted when we saw the fabulous photos of him salmon fishing.

It has been an absolute privilege to ‘make today matter’ for John."