In order to protect our most vulnerable patients, Ayrshire Hospice has taken the decision to restrict visitors to the in-patient unit during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Patient care is our top priority.  Please only visit the hospice if absolutely necessary.  If you would like assistance with Skype calls etc please contact the nursing team looking after the patient.

Visiting in the In Patient Unit will be restricted to four named visitors for the duration of a patients' stay and a maximum of two visitors at one time. These nominated visitors cannot be changed throughout the patients stay.  Visitors will be asked to use PPE and advice on how to do this will be available from the nursing team.  Children under 16 years are not permitted to visit at this time. Please arrive and leave promptly at visiting times.

Visitors can attend as many times during the day (10am - 8pm) as they feel necessary. However, we prefer if you do not visit for more than two hours at a time to allow us to promote rest. 

From 7/7/20 patients at the hospice may be able to have extra visitors to the window of their room- if you would like to have this arranged please discuss with the charge nurse on duty.