I am doing this challenge for Tracey. My dear friend who passed away on April 2nd 2022 after her 16 month battle with cancer.
Tracey spoke to me about walking this munro many times, she wanted to walk up it before she passed. Tracey and her brother, Alain aka Alpal, visited Ben Nevis and had an amazing time seeing the views and having fun in Fort William.

I have decided to do this munro, my first ever munro, to honour Tracey and the strong, brave, inspiring woman she always was. Tracey never changed, from the beginning to the end. She always stayed the same, despite going through the hardest thing she ever had to go through.

And, despite going through her own battle, she continued to show me support, love, and care when I was going through my own battles in life. Tracey always put others before herself, no matter how she was feeling.

Tracey was more than a friend to me, she was my family. No one will ever understand me as much as she did. I will hold our friendship and bond close to me forever.

I love and miss you T.
Your wee flower is doing this for you.

Rosy McMillan