The hospice multi-disciplinary team

The hospice multi-disciplinary team

The hospice multi-disciplinary team (MDT) comprises doctors, nurses, pharmacist, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, chaplain and social workers.

The aim of the MDT is to ensure consistency and continuity of care and support for the patient, relatives and carers during illness and following death. This requires a committed approach to multi-professional care, including regular team meetings and close liaison with other professionals, particularly with other community and hospital teams.

The hospice team adopt the principles highlighted in the National Cancer Action Plan (2010) - The characteristics of an effective multi-disciplinary team.

Through effective MDT working, we aim to provide:

  • Treatment and care that is considered by professionals with specialist knowledge and skills
  • Assessment that will ensure patients are given correct level of information and support they need to cope with their condition
  • Continuity of care, even when different aspects of care are delivered by different individuals or provider
  • Good communication between primary, secondary and tertiary care
  • Good data collection, both for the benefit of the individual patient and for the purposes of audit and research
  • Improved equality of outcomes as a result of better understanding and awareness of patients’ characteristics and through reflective practice
  • Adherence to national and local clinical guidelines
  • Promotion of good working relationships between staff, thereby enhancing their job satisfaction and quality of life
  • Opportunities for education/professional development of team members (implicitly through the inclusion of junior team members and explicitly when meetings are used to devise and agree new protocols and ways of working)
  • Optimisation of resources, resulting in more efficient use of time and resources