Hospice care is non-denominational and is provided free of charge. It is available to patients over 16 years of age throughout Ayrshire and Arran with the exception of our family care service, which is open to people of all ages.

You can refer patients who have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness, requiring services in addition to generalist palliative care: patients who have complex symptoms requiring assessment and potential input from our specialist team and who could benefit from our therapeutic interventions.

We accept referrals for:

  • Management of physical symptoms
  • Management of emotional/spiritual distress
  • Anticipatory care
  • MDT assessment
  • Family care support
  • Respite

The hospice operates an equal access policy, such that no patient shall be disadvantaged or suffer adverse discrimination in any aspect of their care as a consequence of cultural, racial or social characteristics or any form of handicap.