Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The hospice has always been committed to the provision of quality care. High standards have been achieved and maintained over many years. Our Head of Clinical Governance and Practice Development oversees all quality assurance projects.

Our most recent unannounced inspection by Healthcare Improvement Scotland saw the hospice achieve three “excellent” grades and two “very good”.

The unannounced inspection which took place in June 2016, measured the hospice against five quality themes: information, care and support, environment, staffing, management and leadership. As part of their visit, inspectors spoke with patients, carers, staff and volunteers, inspected the hospice environment and reviewed a range of documentation and practices.  

The report states that the “Ayrshire Hospice has a clear commitment to continually improving all aspects of service delivery. The service provides an excellent standard of care and support to patients and their families and is developing flexible services to support patients’ choices. We found that patients and carers were at the heart of the service and their ideas and views were used to shape the future of the hospice. We spoke to patients who told us their care was excellent. They said staff and volunteers were very patient and attentive. Patients told us:

  • The staff show lots of respect. I cannot fault the hospice.
  • The volunteers are lovely. Their assistance is fantastic. Nothing is ever a problem”

Click here to view the full report.

For further information on our quality department please call 01292 269200 or email fiona.ewart@ayrshirehospice.org