In-patient unit

In-patient unit

Patients are admitted to the in-patient unit for assessment and provision of care. This may include pain and symptom management, multidisciplinary assessment, short term acute intervention, nursing care, planned respite or end of life care.

Beds are allocated following multidisciplinary team assessment/discussion and using a validated tool. Patients are placed on the waiting list and discussed daily. Admissions are planned Monday to Friday – in exceptional circumstances weekend admissions will be considered. We also provide 24 hour telephone advice to patients and health professionals.

It is worth noting that the majority of patients never need to be admitted into the hospice in-patient unit, but those who require this more comprehensive attention, will find a relaxed and comfortable environment.  A great deal of individual attention is possible through the high nurse to patient ratio; patients can be confident that their care will be delivered sensitively and effectively by an experienced team of professionals trained to give strong emotional support to both patients and their families. Each individual will be allocated a Named Nurse and Consultant who will assess and plan individual person centred care in collaboration with the patient and their family and in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team.

The nursing team are present providing holistic care 24 hours a day with medical support available out of hours. There is a high nurse to patient ratio which is responsive to individualised care needs.

Multidisciplinary team members support tailored programmes of care and are integral to the patient’s unique experience. The team meet daily to evaluate the care delivered and respond to the changing needs of individuals.

There is a weekly meeting to establish if the patient’s goals are being met and future care considered. The in-patient unit is not considered a long term place of care.

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For further information on our in-patient unit please contact Susan Campbell, IPU Manager on 01292 269200 or email

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