Headwayr is free service offered to patients, male or female, who are experiencing or anticipating treatment induced hair loss. This service is managed by a professional hairdresser and supported by a team of helpful volunteers, who can demonstrate and advise patients on how scarves and hats can enhance appearance.

We aim to offer an attractive choice of head wear for occasions when patients do not wish to wear a wig. All our scarves are 100% cotton, soft and comfortable. We have a wide range of products in a variety of patterns and colours, which are available to purchase at low cost.

If a patient would like only hats, scarves and a fringe and the demonstration of the scarf trying designs, they may be seen by an experienced volunteer. Sometimes a patient would like more in-depth information on scalp care or scalp cooling (cold cap) or need their hair trimmed following chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. They would then be seen by hairdressing staff.

Headwayr is often the first non-clinical appointment our patients attend following diagnosis. We see Headwayr patients in the salon on a one to one basis. Appointments are usually made for mid-afternoon when we can give the patient privacy within the salon.

Patients can self-refer to Headwayr and we aim to see a patient within a week of their initial phone enquiry. A consultation usually lasts between 60-90 minutes, a patient is welcome to phone or email to make a second appointment if they would like more advice or information. Patients are very welcome to bring a friend or relative with them.

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For further information on Headwayr please call Jacqui Cameron on 01292 269200 or email jacqui.cameron@ayrshirehospice.org.