At Solas we have a purpose - built hairdressing salon run by two qualified hairdressers, two bank hairdressers and a dedicated team of volunteers. Hairdressing is available to all hospice patients who request it, whether they are in-patients or are attending day services. Where required, our hairdressers can also visit patients in the in-patient ward.

The hairdressing service makes an invaluable contribution to patients’ wellbeing. Altered body image, due to treatment and medication, can often have a significant detrimental emotional effect on patients. We all know how much we can be boosted by a new hairdo! Due to illness, many new patients may not have been to a hairdresser for a long time; often many will not have been able to look at themselves in the mirror.  

Our aim is to help our patients feel better about themselves and enjoy the experience within the hairdressing salon. Female patients will often comment that they will look out their make up or jewellery following a haircut or style. This should not be considered superficial, but a positive step to regaining one’s self esteem. There is an emotional benefit for gents too; a smart haircut and wash, maybe a beard or moustache trim can make all the difference, not only in appearance but in self-confidence.

For day and outpatients there is a small, nominal charge for having your hair done, starting from £5 for a gents haircut. The salon is open five days a week from 10.30am until days services close on any given day.

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Referral to hairdressing is normally made by a member of the Solas team or via the in-patient unit. Patients can also self-refer to Headwayr, our service for patients who are experiencing or anticipating treatment induced hair loss.

For further information on our hairdressing service please call Jacqui Cameron on 01292 269200 or email

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