Frequently asked questions

When are you open?

Solas Day Services : Currently open Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm

How do I get there?

Patients are encouraged to use their own transport to get to Solas day services. We do have a team of volunteer drivers who are available to transport patients, however this is a limited service.

How can I arrange to attend day services?

You need to be referred by a health care professional, this includes GPs, district nurses, clinical nurse specialists and hospital consultants. You will be invited to attend for assessment by our multi-professional team in order to identify your individual needs and a plan of care will be agreed with you.

What do I do when I am there?

Your day may include:

  • Attending one of our therapy groups
  • Complementary therapy
  • Getting your hair done
  • Symptom assessment and advice
  • Emotional and spiritual support

How long will I attend for?

This varies depending on your individual plan of care. It may range from a few hours to attend a therapy group or a full day on a weekly basis. We will discuss your plan of care with you on a regular basis and this will determine your length of attendance accordingly.