Allied health professionals

Allied health professionals

Our Allied Health Professionals include physiotherapists, occupational therapist, social workers and a chaplain, all of whom work together with teams of trained voluntary staff to provide a truly comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to patient and family care.


The physiotherapists provide advice and assistance to make the most of the patient’s physical function and improve quality of life. Interventions include advice on personal exercise programmes to improve strength and stamina. The physiotherapist will use techniques to relieve pain or reduce breathlessness and she can also provide education on the use of walking aids. There is also a lymphoedema clinic where these experts treat and manage patients’ with swollen limbs.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapist makes an assessment of any problems the patient is experiencing in everyday activities. Independence is promoted and patients are helped to meet their own personal goals. Interventions include guidance on alternative ways of dealing with everyday tasks and the provision of equipment. The occupational therapist can also offer relaxation training and advice on fatigue.