Sarah's story

When Sarah first visited Headwayr she was very emotional, this was the first non-clinical appointment since her diagnosis.

Sarah’s hair was shedding rapidly following her chemotherapy treatment. Her daughter was getting married in three weeks’ time and Sarah did not wish to wear a wig, in fact she had even considered not attending the wedding. “I really can’t face everyone”.

Sarah’s daughter had accompanied her to the Headwayr appointment, and they were both surprised at the large selection of scarves and hats available.

After a short chat about colours and styles that Sarah liked, different designs were demonstrated on her, she especially liked the idea of a fringe which was easily attached to a hat or scarf.

With spirits notably lifted, Sarah chose several scarves and a hat for daywear. For the wedding she decided on a smart black scarf, a cerise coloured fascinator and a fringe, commenting “This will go very well with my cerise top, cream suit and black accessories.”

Following the wedding Sarah wrote a letter to Headwayr saying:

 “I really thought I would never be able to leave the house when my hair fell out but I enjoyed my daughter’s wedding and I must say I felt like a million dollars! I couldn’t have done it without you".