Joanne's story

Joanne is a young woman with Huntington’s disease; she had beautiful think and shiny waist length hair. When she found it too difficult to wash her hair at home she would come to the salon as an outpatient.

Knowing her illness was progressing; Joanne made the decision to have her hair cut short to enable her to manage it better. She asked if her hair could be donated for a wig, hoping that a child experiencing chemotherapy/radiotherapy related hair loss, could benefit.

When Joanne arrived at the salon she was quite anxious, explaining that she could not remember ever having short hair. Joanne’s hair was washed, dried and then plaited, as required for a donation. Our hairdresser then cut the plait off close to the nape of the neck, and the remaining hair was restyled and blow-dried.

Joanne was absolutely delighted with the result and was very happy that her hair would be put to good use. She confidently left the salon, saying she couldn’t wait to show her hairstyle off to family and friends.