Hannah's story

Hannah is a 58 year old lady with extensive oral cancer. She was socially isolated with poor communication due to speech difficulties. Hannah was also experiencing poor body image issues due to weight loss, hair loss and radical oral surgery resulting in altered dental appearance.

Hannah presented on her first day. Withdrawn, wearing ill-fitting clothes and a large woollen hat. She was seen by one of our Headwayr therapists who gave advice on alternative, more feminine head wear. She discussed with nursing staff her philosophy on life and hopes for the future.

Hannah arrived for her second visit a vision in colour and style, wearing a flamboyant accessorised hat. Hannah has continued her journey with us embracing art therapy and becoming a prolific painter. During an acute episode of depression, Hannah attended twice weekly which gave her much appreciated support.

Hannah has developed an e-mail correspondence with a member of the family care team, discussing philosophy and well-being. Following further extensive surgery Hannah continues her journey with us. She feels very much at peace with herself and hopes to exhibit her art work at day services.