Welcome to STAR, our online Day Services portal which provides the Ayrshire Hospice the opportunity to support those with life limiting illnesses in a whole new way. 

So what is STAR? It stands for






Our aim is to reduce that feeling of isolation by introducing social groups via online video calls for those needing palliative care and these will be facilitated by our team and have a therapeutic element to them. Also offered will be virtual relaxation sessions guided by our own team of experienced therapists.

As as well as this, patients will receive a monthly activity pack to their home that will include tasks, quizzes and help guides to grow a sense of wellbeing and achievement. For example, we have sent seeds to patients for them to plant and grow, which has been a positive experience for patients.  

Furthermore, patients can expect to receive sessions on exercise, managing breathlessness, managing fatigue, managing physical symptoms, advanced care planning, tips on sleeping to name but a few.

If symptoms are challenging or complex we will offer one to one session for people with our team including nurses, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and family support team.

You can speak direct with a member of the Day Services team by contacting 01292 269 200

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