The Ayrshire Hospice has launched its Spring Appeal highlighting the work of their Specialist Palliative Care Nurses who visit patients across Ayrshire and Arran delivering care to them in their own home.

Over the past few years, more and more people living with a life-limiting illness choose to spend the time they have left at home with their loved ones. They are cared for and supported by the incredible community team at Ayrshire Hospice who travel thousands of miles each year, looking after patients and their families, from Largs all the way down to Lendalfoot, and even across to Arran and Cumbrae.

Regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ayrshire Hospice has continued to provide excellent and compassionate care to patients and families across Ayrshire and Arran.

Paula Fisher, of Ardrossan, speaks of how the community team at Ayrshire Hospice cared for and supported her partner, Dave Rogers, who died in November 2020. 

She said: “Everyone from the hospice made such a difference to all our lives. I knew about the hospice but I didn’t know that they had a Community Team of nurses and care assistants who would support you in your own home.

“It made such a difference that the same team of nurses and care assistants were looking after him. They got to know Dave and he got to know them - they became like our extended family. Their care and support allowed us to be together at home.

“I want to do all that I can to make sure that the hospice continues to be there to help other families who need their care and support in the future. That’s why we are supporting their spring appeal this year and I hope you’ll join us – and support this wonderful, vital local charity.”

Donate to our Spring Appeal

The Specialist Palliative Care Nursing team is led by Paula Burns, Community & Triage Manager at the Ayrshire Hospice. Explaining their role, she said: “The community team at Ayrshire Hospice are experienced Specialist Palliative Care Nurses and Senior Care Assistants.

“For patients, they are that critical link with the hospitals, GP surgeries, and the hospice itself. They help patients and their families make sense of the difficult journey they find themselves on and take the time to talk to them, to find out what we can do to support them.

“This means getting to know them as individuals. It means providing advice, support, and reassurance, for a patient, their loved ones or their families, who have so many questions about the difficult and often frightening journey they are on.”

As the world begins to recover from the pandemic, all of the hospice patients and their families continue to face an enormous challenge.

To keep delivering the same exceptional quality of care, the Ayrshire Hospice has been looking at how they can extend their support so that they can support families when situations can reach a crisis point. The community Specialist Palliative Care Nurses will now be available seven days a week - allowing them to be there for patients and their loved ones to help relieve the isolation and worry that life-limiting illnesses bring.