Your Day Your Way

Your Day Your Way

Posted on 27 July 2018 by Monika Reichelt

Your Day Your Way is a new initiative in Solas day services aimed at helping patients to make choices about their own care, whilst also promoting independence and maintaining and supporting ability.  It is a 12 week rehabilitation programme that includes a variety of workshops, exercises and relaxation sessions that will help patients and carers set and achieve goals in a way best suited to them. It offers patients choice during the course of their day as well as access to the wide range of professional help available.

Options like Tai Chi, chair yoga, bowling and art are all proving to be extremely popular as are workshops such as pain management, breathlessness and managing emotions.  Family members and friends are also invited to join in Your Day Your Way, with four afternoons of the twelve week programme being tailored to include them. 

Feedback from the first patients to attend ‘Your Day Your Way’ include:

“I used to be very outgoing but had almost become a recluse – this has turned my life around”

“I cooked 2 meals last week – actually made me feel like I had more energy – I was proud of myself”

“It’s good to take the confidence and motivation home and put it into practice!”

The Your Day Your Way principles are now extending across the whole week in Solas, allowing patients more choice and flexibility and resulting in the delivery of truly person-centred care that is tailored to what the individual feels like and identifies their needs to be.