Three year strategic partnership agreement signed between NATS and the Ayrshire Hospice

Three year strategic partnership agreement signed between NATS and the Ayrshire Hospice

Posted on 14 November 2016 by Monika Reichelt

We are delighted to have recently signed an innovative, strategic partnership agreement with NATS Prestwick that will run for three years from November 2016. The formal agreement recognises the commitment of our organisations to work together in pursuit of mutual benefit and to build on the success of past joint activities including a fundraising campaign that saw NATS staff raise over £38,000 for the hospice during 2014/15.

Alastair Muir, NATS Operations Director (Prestwick) added:

 “Our initial year of fundraising activities with the hospice really inspired our Prestwick teams. I remember one of the managers telling me that it had been the best and most effective team-working activity he’d ever seen in all his years in business!  I am therefore delighted that we have now taken our relationship to the next innovative level where we see not only the ever important continuation of some fantastic fund raising but also new and exciting activities whereby both organisations grow through making the absolute most of our joint strengths.”

“We’re wholly committed to doing all we can to support the Ayrshire Hospice over the next three years. We’re absolutely determined to realise all possible two-way benefits from this exciting partnership agreement”.

In practical terms, examples of the partnership working include:

  • NATS HR systems now allowing staff to record volunteering for the hospice

as part of their working week.

  • Training undertaken by hospice staff in what can be an emotionally-charged

environment will be assessed to see if any skills and techniques might be transferrable to the benefit of the NATS workforce performing in high-pressure roles 

  • Project management and planning support from NATS for hospice capital


Mandy Yule, Chief Executive, Ayrshire Hospice explained:

“The unique partnership encourages both organisations to make creative use of their skills, strengths and resources to help one another be that through fundraising, shared learning and training opportunities, volunteering, or information and skills exchange. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved and we are extremely grateful to our trusted friends at NATS for the high-level of support they have offered.”