Spread the word about the Ayrshire Hospice lottery!

Spread the word about the Ayrshire Hospice lottery!

Posted on 22 September 2017 by Monika Reichelt

The Ayrshire Hospice is appealing to organisations and venues across Ayrshire to host a promotion of the Ayrshire Hospice Lottery and help the lottery team sign up new members.  Ruth McCallum and Lisa Fulton are two of the self-employed canvassers who travel around Ayrshire with a small lottery information kiosk and are looking for new venues to help promote the local cause. Ruth and Lisa have recently been successful in promoting the lottery at the Irvine Marymass Festival and the Scottish Airshow, however more venue opportunities are needed.

Fiona Borland, Senior Lottery Officer at the Ayrshire Hospice said “Our lottery has run for over twenty years and that’s only possible due to the thousands of lottery members, collectors, canvassers and volunteers who give so kindly to our work.  The canvassers and collectors have been the back bone of the Ayrshire Hospice Lottery for years, loyally signing up thousands of new members since it first started back in 1994.  Any support that Ayrshire organisations could offer to help the canvassers promote the lottery will be truly appreciated.”

If any organisations would be willing to help the Ayrshire Hospice Lottery canvassers promote the hospice lottery either within their business or at an event, the lottery team would love to hear from you. Supporters who could offer a promotion opportunity should contact the lottery team on 01292 288488 or email lottery@ayrshirehospice.org.

Every Friday members have a chance to win one of the 48 prizes from the guaranteed weekly prize fund of £3,000. First prize is £1,500 and second prize is £250. There are five prizes of £100, four prizes of £50, 12 prizes of £25 and 25 prizes of £10.

It costs only £1 per week to enter the Ayrshire Hospice lottery but your £1 can really make a difference. When you register as a member your details are entered into our lottery system and as long as you have paid your £1 for that week, your unique number will be entered into our Friday draw. If you are a lucky winner, the cheque will be sent to you by post.

Supporters can also join the Ayrshire Hospice Lottery online under this link. For more information on the hospice lottery please contact the lottery team on 01292 288488 or email lottery@ayrshirehospice.org