'Run with your heart'

'Run with your heart'

Posted on 26 July 2018 by Monika Reichelt

Two members of our staff have recently taken on marathon challenges to raise a great amount of money for the hospice movement.

Margaret Dunlop, a bank staff nurse within our in-patient unit ran the London Marathon in April and Deborah Riseborough one of our clinical administrators completed the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May.

Margaret explains: 

“I originally tried to gain a public ballot place in the London Marathon so I could run for a charity of my choice - the Ayrshire Hospice - but I was not successful and had to apply for one of the registered places. When I saw Hospice UK was on the list, I just had to choose them! I have been nursing for nine years and palliative care has always been something which was close to my heart. Both my grandparents who were very special to me, were looked after by all the hospice team and I can only describe the care we all received as something so special - staff have given us memories that we will treasure for a lifetime.

“I now have privilege of being part of such a special team and have worked in the in-patient unit for a year now. The team were all been amazing and supported me throughout my training, fundraising and on the day of the marathon via their wonderful words of support! The marathon was tough and the heat on the day made the task even harder but it was all worth it crossing the finish line. Running the marathon was a very emotional experience and one which I will never forget. I just kept telling myself when I was struggling and finding it difficult “when your legs get tired, run with your heart” and that’s exactly what I did! It got me through the 26.2 mile course and across the finish line raising an estimated £2,300 in the process!

Deborah Riseborough also explains:

“Working for the Ayrshire Hospice has shown me exactly how valuable and needed the hospice service is and how much fundraising is needed to allow us to keep providing this wonderful service.  Not only has it given me fuller understanding of what the staff do, I can now appreciate completely, how patient and family orientated the hospice is, providing care and support to all concerned.

I know personally how it feels to have input from the hospice - where a friend and family had been cared for here, with my friend being given the opportunity to have his wishes carried out.

During one of my training runs in March I was reminded how important the hospice is to the people of Ayrshire.  I was out for my long run (18 miles) and stopped for a drink at the little shop in Monkton.  I was speaking to a woman there and she was asking why I’d run so far, so I explained to her that I was raising money for the hospice and how I have to do a long run each week increasing it by one mile each time. 

She took £10 out of her purse and handed it to me there and then.  She had her own personal experience of hospice care through our community nursing team and told me she thought the hospice was a wonderful place; that all the staff were fabulous and made her mum’s end of life care and support to the family more bearable.   

I have to say I was completely overwhelmed by this lady – I was emotional and fatigued but she wanted to tell me her story and it gave me the inspiration to get on with my last few miles of the day.

I wanted to do my part and I’m delighted to have raised over £750!”