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Romanian Adventures - Day 5

Posted on 13 May 2016 by Katie Ronald

Romanian team

Day 5, Thursday 12th May 2016 

Today was the last day that myself, Alison and Rhonda spent with the team in Bucharest.

I started the day with a presentation to the home care, medical and paediatric teams with Rhonda and Alison answering questions from them. It highlighted the inequalities between our systems. It makes you feel very humble and grateful for what we have in this country. The team in Bucharest do an amazing job with the limited resources they have. The home care team do the same job here as our specialist palliative care nurses as well as district nurses and social carers jobs, they've even clipped cats toenails! 

Rhonda and Alison teamed up in the in-patient unit assisting the team in a variety of ways, Rhonda ended up soaked from ankle to knee showering a patient. Meanwhile I was getting involved in the day services and ended up doing an impromptu tai chi session, testing my new Romanian vocabulary. 

Romanian day

We visited the 500 year old monastery which is behind the hospice and is used by staff and patients alike. 

In the afternoon we delivered the presentation to the in-patient staff which stimulated lots of questions, followed by a photo session and lots of hugs and kisses from both staff and patients alike as we said "larevedere" to Casa Sperantai Bucharest.

Romanian conference

Update from Heather Hardie, Physiotherapist 

So this morning kicked off at 8am with Alina and I driving back up the mountain to Poiana to the second day of the conference.  We arrived in plenty of time to get breakfast before we started and it was lovely fresh croissants & coffee. It settled the nerves a little until I got into the room and then they kicked right back in. 

I was seated at the front with the other invited speakers, I met a lovely chap from Dublin called Tom Kearns, who is the head of the RSCI Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery - he had spoken yesterday about Leadership in nursing and was an excellent speaker.  He told me just to calm myself and remember that I knew what I was talking about as I had been doing it for eight years now and that once you get your first big conference done you'll want to do more! That I'm not sure about, but I have to say it was an experience I'll never forget!

It's quite a challenge to present with an interpreter as they start talking when you’re mid-sentence and then you need to stop. It can upset the flow a little, but I managed and from what the colleagues from Bucharest and Brasov said I did very well, even Tom congratulated me but I think he was just trying to boost me a little! 

I can only say that I hope what I was saying today about palliative care having in role from diagnosis, and not just in cancer patients, but in all life limiting illness helped a little, as very many doctors here seem to believe that it is for end of life care and only for cancer patients.  We all know through our hard work that what we do isn't just about end of life care, even if one doctor or nurse picks that up from what I talked about it I will be happy.  

After the conference we drove back into Brasov and attended an organ concert in the Black Church, it was beautiful.

I'll sign off now and get some shut eye before I start at 9am tomorrow morning in Hospice Casa Sperantei Brasov. Looking forward to being reunited with the rest of the Ayrshire Hospice team out here and to working alongside the lovely Gaby, who will be visiting the Ayrshire Hospice in the next few months.