Romanian Adventures 3

Romanian Adventures - Day 4

Posted on 12 May 2016 by Katie Ronald

Day 4, Wednesday 11th May 2016

Another good day in sunny Bucharest, although we missed Mandy who was off to attend the 14th National Conference & the 3rd International Conference of the Romanian Order for Registered Nurses, Midwives & Medical assistants.  Heather spent the day with Bogdan once more whilst Rhonda continued her care in the unit and Alison was out and about on crazy roads with home care to visit patients.

In the afternoon and evening, we put together a presentation to feedback our observations as well as sharing our experience which we will present tomorrow morning. Hopefully Heather will speak slowly enough to be understood!

We explored a little more of Bucharest taking in the culture, traditional food, wine and music. 

Heather Hardie, Physiotherapist 

We drove up into the mountains to Poiana this morning where the views were amazing - especially first thing with the mountain mist!

 We arrived at the conference and were met by Nicoleta Mitrea from the Brasov team, we unloaded the car with lots of hospice conference books and then got set up for the day. We were based in the NATO conference room, which was extremely large.  

There had to be a change to the conference schedule which meant that I would now be presenting tomorrow morning instead of today. So instead I got to relax and listen to the lectures from the other speakers. Which was hard at times as it was all in Romanian, but my colleague Alina Bruna was very good at translating for me.  

The conference had a wide and varied programme with speakers from all aspects of nursing and medicine.  

After the conference Alina took me for dinner in a lovely traditional Romanian restaurant in Brasov called Sergiana. The food was lovely and we chatted all about the differences between our health care systems.  

Mandy Ozczsypala, Team Leader

The photograph is of Adunati Copaceni, a house that was donated to the hospice in 2012 by a Romanian family. This house once completely renovated is to be a children's centre for respite.  You can read more at