Romanian Adventures 2

Romanian Adventures - Day 3

Posted on 12 May 2016 by Katie Ronald

Day 3, Tuesday 10th May 2016

We had another early start at the hospice this morning, picked up at 7.30am and again we joined the admission meeting. It appears to work in a very similar way to our own meeting within the Ayrshire Hospice.  

We were then split into separate departments. Heather working with Bogdan the physiotherapist, Rhonda working in the in-patient unit with Lavinia, Alison was out in the community and I was working in the Adult Day Services.  

Today's day services had a theme of self-esteem, with a volunteer coming from L'Oreal to provide the ladies of the group with hairdressing and tips very similar to our own Simply For You group. Alongside this the other members of the group were carrying out arts and crafts and supporting one another followed by a group discussion lead by Maria, psychologist, surrounding depression and self-help methods for this.  

Heather and I also had the pleasure of visiting the oldest monastery in Bucharest which sits directly behind the hospice. It was beautiful and serene.  

Then this afternoon Tony took us to visit Adunati Copaceni, a house that was donated to the hospice in 2012 by a Romanian family. This house once completely renovated is to be a children's centre for respite.  You can read more at

Some of the centre has already been finished and they use it currently as a summer camp for the children in their care already.  

Then it was time for me to leave the group and meet Alina, the nurse who is also presenting at the 14th National Conference & the 3rd International Conference of the Romanian Order for Registered Nurses, Midwives & Medical assistants where I will be presenting a talk on palliative care in Scotland.  We had a lovely 3.5 hour drive to Brasov in the mountains stopping off. To have dinner with Alina's family on the way. The mountains are beautiful as you can see.  

So I will sign off now as it’s a very busy day tomorrow for the conference. 

Mandy Ozczspala, Team leader