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Romanian Adventures - Day 2

Posted on 10 May 2016 by Katie Ronald

Day 2, Monday 9th May 2016

Today started at 7.30am when Tony picked us up and took us on the 20 minute drive to the Hospice Casa Sperantei. Being the only non-driver amongst us it was safer for me to be in the front - the traffic doesn't bother me but the drivers amongst us were rather nervous! 

We arrive at a lovely pale green building situated next to a lake and a local park, it was very serene looking.  It's also very deceptive as it has far more room and levels than we originally imagined.  We joined in with the Monday morning admission meeting, not too unlike ours, with a full multi-disciplinary team involvement.  

We then had a full tour of the building which is very modern, bright, spacious and a very calm peaceful environment.  Hospice Casa Sperantei currently have 23 adult IPU beds in formats of single, two, three, four and five bedded rooms in which Alison spent the day working alongside the staff nurses. We were shown the new six bedded Paediatric unit, in a configuration of two singles rooms and two double rooms. This is due to be opened next week so was a hive activity! Rhonda spent the day with Paul a member of the Community team and visited several patients in their homes which she found amazing. Heather spent the day with Bogdan working between the IPU and the Paediatric day services. I spent the day with the day services in the morning discussing the differences in our services and then I spent the afternoon with the Paediatric Day Services group working with Simone, a psychologist, with a group of four children ranging in age from 9-20 years of age. 

All staff members that we have met within the hospice have been very accommodating with the communication barriers which can be challenging at times but we are managing to get through this and looking forward to tomorrow. 

Mandy Oszczypala, Team Leader

Romanian day services area

The day services area