Play therapy introduced to the hospice staff

Play therapy introduced at Ayrshire Hospice

Posted on 27 October 2016 by Monika Reichelt

We’ve been having great fun at the hospice recently as our Children and Young Person’s Practitioner, Emma Hynd, introduced the hospice team to play therapy. Emma is currently studying towards a postgraduate certificate in play therapy and will be helping children who are facing or dealing with bereavement, by using play therapy techniques. This is a highly effective method where, through play, children are helped to communicate their feelings in a safe and comfortable environment which then in turn helps them to better understand and cope with bereavement.  At the moment Emma is in the process of assembling a special play toolkit which consists of an impressive variety of tools designed to engage children in activities such as creative visualisation, arts, storytelling, music, dance and movement, sand play and much more. 

We are confident the introduction of play therapy will have an immediate and positive impact on the lives of many of the children we work with during difficult times, when a family member is receiving hospice care.

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