Lottery win for Kilmarnock man!

Lottery win for Kilmarnock man!

Posted on 12 September 2017 by Monika Reichelt

Congratulations to Paul McNair from Kilmarnock who won the top prize of £1,500 in the Ayrshire Hospice lottery draw on 11th August 2017. 

Paul McNair said “I couldn’t believe when I got the call that I’d won!  I’ve been in the Ayrshire Hospice Lottery since 2014 and it was a great surprise!  The Ayrshire Hospice is such a fantastic charity and I’m delighted to take part in the lottery for such a great cause.”

Ron Swanson, Assistant Fundraising Manager at the Ayrshire Hospice said “Our lottery has run for over twenty years and that’s only possible due to the thousands of lottery members, collectors, canvassers and volunteers who give so kindly to our work.  The support of Paul and many others like him is truly valued.  Our lottery really is a chance to win and a way to care.”

Every Friday members have a chance to win one of the 48 prizes from a total weekly prize fund of £3,000.  It costs only £1 per week with proceeds going to the work of the hospice.  You can now join the Ayrshire Hospice Lottery online at  For more information on the Ayrshire Hospice Lottery please call 01292 288488 or email