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Posted on 17 December 2018 by Katie Ronald

A Kiltwalk story…

In 2018, four sisters, Karen, Brenda, Marie and Clare supported by sister Jean completed the Mighty Stride Kiltwalk event in Aberdeen in loving memory of their Mum Marie Anderson.  Together the ladies raised a remarkable total of £3,161.20.   

Jean Anderson said:

“A few months ago my youngest sister, Clare decided that she would like to get fit but wanted her endeavours to be beneficial to others rather than just herself.  She roped in my other three sisters, Karen, Brenda and Marie and they decided that they wanted to raise money in memory of our Mum, whom we lost 6 years ago to cancer. I myself wasn't walking with them but was pleased to support them in other ways with this family adventure.

“Our Mum loved walking and would walk every day, especially if she had a pram with a beloved grandchild in it. As we all live in different parts of the country we decided that, rather than support four different charities in our own areas, we would all support one that was close to mum's heart and that was the Ayrshire Hospice.

“She herself was not a recipient of their care, as she died very quickly after her diagnosis and never left the hospital. She did however know a lot of people who did benefit and understood what a fabulous job the hospice do of looking after not only those who are ill, but their families as well. They make all the difference to how people deal with the loss of a loved one. The hospice helps so many people and everyone knows of someone who has benefited from their care, but not everyone realizes they are dependent on charitable donations. 

“A few years ago Karen had completed the Kiltwalk in Aberdeen and had found it a really inspiring experience.   Everyone who walks has a story to tell and walking enables them not only to tell the story but also to raise awareness of the needs of their charities. There is a camaraderie among those walking, all the training they have had to do, the fund raising etc.  The very generous donation from The Hunter Foundation makes a huge difference.”

You can help the Ayrshire Hospice just like Karen, Brenda, Marie, Clare and Jean by taking part in a Kiltwalk event in 2019:

Kiltwalk Glasgow: 28th April 2019

Kiltwalk Aberdeen: 2nd June 2019

Kiltwalk Dundee: 18th August 2019

Kiltwalk Edinburgh: 15th September 2019


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For more information or for hospice t-shirts and running vests please contact the community fundraising team on 01292 288488 or email