Just relax...

Just relax...

Posted on 22 March 2017 by Monika Reichelt

As part of the hospice day service programme in Solas, we provide popular relaxation sessions for patients. These sessions take place in a lovely, relaxing environment with candle light and soft music. The therapist guides participants into a warm state of relaxation to help release tension from their bodies and minds, using progressive muscle relaxation techniques followed by a pleasant visualisation. Such is the success of these sessions that patients have been requesting recordings so they can listen to the familiar voice of therapists during times of worry and anxiety, in the comfort of their home.

Following discussions with our academic partners at the University of the West of Scotland, two Commercial Music students kindly agreed to help produce these recordings on CD using the University’s state of the art recording studio as part of their course work. The students were very enthusiastic about the project as it provided them with a fantastic opportunity to put into practice what they have been learning during their course work. 

They went on to produce unique background music for the CD by recording local sounds, such as the sounds of the seaside at Prestwick shore and the sounds of nature at the River Ayr.  Our therapists Fiona Cumming and Lena Baird wrote the scripts, which included one countryside visualisation, one seaside and one to help aid sleep.  A photograph of the beautiful Ailsa Craig taken by hospice supporter Arthur Duffy has been used for the cover image, providing an attractive image for the CD sleeve.

The project is on schedule to be completed this month when CDs will be available to give out free of charge to patients, helping to provide relaxation and comfort at a difficult time.