Graduating in Namaste Care™

Graduating in Namaste Care™

Posted on 19 July 2016 by Monika Reichelt

Many congratulations to all the Namaste Care™ trainees on completing the first course of its kind to be delivered in Ayrshire by the hospice. We welcomed eleven staff from Hansel Alliance, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Buckreddan Care Home, Dalmellington Care Centre, Creggan Bahn Court and the hospice and provided the group with three days of experiential learning in a classroom setting and one day observational placement at Abbotsford care home in Ardrossan.

The Namaste programme of care was first developed by Joyce Simard in America and has been recognised across the world for the individual benefits it brings. The word “Namaste” comes from Hindu and means to ‘honour the spirit within’. Namaste care uses the five senses to maintain a connection with the person, to improve their (and their family’s) quality of life during the end stages of dementia. It is the essence of palliative care and is a simple to initiate programme that is evidence based, transferable and applicable in any palliative care setting.

Having recognised the significant positive impact Namaste care ™can have on the quality of life of an individual and their friends and families, the hospice is delighted, through partnership working, to be able to offer this training.   Thanks go to Lorna Reid, Education Facilitator at Accord Hospice for sharing her work and co-facilitating the course and to Abbotsford’s residents and staff for their enthusiasm and willingness to share their experiences.  

Speech bubble from course participants – ‘Exhilarating experience’.

Already six months into a pilot programme, Abbotsford have highlighted the positive response residents have had to the programme of care, with families and staff noticing how much more alert and engaged the residents with advanced dementia were:

‘Gran, less confused much more alert and interested in people and her surroundings’

‘This is a wonderful experience for the patient –my mother in law’

We wish our group of recent graduates every success in implementing Namaste Care ™ within their own workplace.