Celebrating achievement - the Ayrshire Hospice Annual Overview 2013/14

“Celebrating achievement” – the Ayrshire Hospice Annual Overview 2013/14

Posted on 28 October 2015 by admin

The Ayrshire Hospice has published its 25th anniversary annual overview for 2013/14 entitled “Celebrating achievement”. Reporting on figures from April 2013 – March 2014, the overview celebrates the 25th anniversary of the hospice as well as detailing helpful information on the wide range of services and fundraising activities. The contribution made by employed and voluntary staff is also highlighted, illustrating the roles that over 180 staff and 800 volunteers play in delivering outstanding hospice care to patients with life-limiting illness, and their families.

During 2013-14, the Ayrshire Hospice touched the lives of many patients and families:

  • A total of 1,062 referrals made to the hospice from across Ayrshire
    • 345 referrals from North Ayrshire
    • 403 referrals from South Ayrshire
    • 311 referrals from East Ayrshire
    • 3 referrals from outside Ayrshire and Arran Health Board
  • 254 of those referrals were admitted to the in-patient unit
  • 88 were discharged from the in-patient unit
  • 305 referrals were for patients 65yrs and under
  • 90 referred patients had a non-cancer diagnosis
  • 3066 day service places allocated
  • 4448 visits were made to patients in the community
  • 795 referrals were made to the hospital palliative care team
  • 2757 review visits were made by the hospital palliative care team

Mandy Yule, Chief Executive of the Ayrshire Hospice comments: “As we work increasingly closely with our partners in the delivery of health and social care services across Ayrshire, the hospice is reaching more and more people in need of our services.  For example, our new respite and response service allows us to increase support for carers and their loved ones at home, which in turn is helping to reduce unnecessary, emergency hospital admissions for patients with palliative care related end of life conditions.  The work of the hospice aims to help patients make informed choices about their care and the support they receive; care which is patient-centred, reduces suffering, improves quality of life and enhances family well- being. We are privileged to offer this essential service.”

Mandy adds: “Of course, none of this would be possible without the unswerving, fundraising support of the Ayrshire community, who provided us with over £5.7million last year in voluntary income, to help meet the running costs of the hospice.  Their dedication allows us to continue to provide our patient-centred services, free of charge, to patients and their families across Ayrshire”.

During 2013-14, it cost almost £7.2million to run all hospice services, including clinical, fundraising and support services - equating to approximately £19,700 per day. Income increased to £8,673,437 which included an exceptional level of very generous gifts left to the hospice by people in their Wills (£2,306,478).  NHS Ayrshire & Arran provided welcome partnership funding of £2,612,557 and the Ayrshire Hospice shops network generated the next highest income stream of almost £884,000.  This was closely followed by the popular hospice events programme which brought in just over £828,000. The windfall surplus generated from the unexpected, exceptional level of legacy income will be carried forward to help establish a fund to support redevelopment of hospice facilities.

Dr John Elliott, Chairman of the Ayrshire Hospice Board of Directors adds: “We believe that in this, our 25th anniversary, we have reached a significant milestone in our history.  It is fitting that this year’s annual overview celebrates achievement and success, recognising the dedication of our employed and voluntary staff, as well as giving thanks to our partners and supporters, without whom our work would not be possible.”

“We remember the individuals and families we have been privileged to care for over the past 25 years and, looking to the future, I am confident the Ayrshire Hospice will continue to rise to the challenges we face and continue to provide the exceptional quality of care that our patients and their families truly deserve”.

Read our Annual Overview for 2013-14.