Ayrshire solicitors support the Ayrshire Hospice Make a Will Fortnight (Monday 17th to Monday 31st October)

Ayrshire solicitors support the Ayrshire Hospice Make a Will Fortnight (Monday 17th to Monday 31st October)

Posted on 29 September 2016 by Monika Reichelt

A total of 38 solicitors offices have signed up to Ayrshire Hospice Make a Will fortnight (Monday 17th to Monday 31st October). They will all waive their usual fee to write Wills in return for a donation to the hospice.

Olive Lindsay, Ayrshire Hospice Senior Fundraising Officer, said “We are so grateful for the ongoing support of the legal community throughout Ayrshire in providing this vital service free of charge.  Together we have raised more than £80,000 over the past five years during Make a Will fortnight and we continue to be humbled by the support of the local community. All of our solicitors and I would urge as many people as possible to participate – you can save on fees and at the same time donate to the hospice”.

Gifts in Wills are a vital source of income to the hospice.  Over two thirds of hospice funding comes from voluntary donations, including Gifts in Wills, and every penny counts.  Every gift, large or small, makes a difference to the patients cared for today, their families and loved ones, and those being cared for in the future.  People interested in making their Will should simply choose a solicitor from the list of participating solicitors and make an appointment between Monday 17th and Monday 31st  October.

At present over 60% of the adult Scottish population do not have a Will.  Perhaps the reason is that people don’t want to think about dying.  Many people are also under the misconception that their estate will be inherited by their spouse and close family so there is no need to go to the expense of having a Will drawn up.  

Protect the people you leave behind.   Remember that making a will is a way of ensuring your wishes are followed when you die and making sure that your home, money and possessions go to the people you want them to go to.  It is always worth making a Will, even if you think you have nothing worth leaving to anyone.

Mandy Yule, Ayrshire Hospice Chief Executive, said: “Our thoughts and grateful thanks go to those individuals who so kindly choose to support our work by including a gift to the Ayrshire Hospice in their Will.  Total gifts received last year exceeded £1million and make a significant contribution to the care we are able to provide now and into the future.”

Did you know?   If you do not make a Will, and have no next of kin, everything you own could go to the State?  If you die without making a Will, the law decides how your possessions will be divided.  This may not be in the way you would have wished.  Some people think, quite mistakenly, that if no Will is made everything goes to their wife, husband or civil partner.  This is not necessarily the case.   As a charity we pay no tax on property or money left to us through a gift in a Will.  In addition, a gift in your Will to charity could have tax benefits for your estate by reducing inheritance tax.