Ayrshire Hospice launches new Strategic Plan for 2015-18.

Ayrshire Hospice launches new Strategic Plan for 2015-18

Posted on 28 October 2015 by admin

The Ayrshire Hospice has launched its new Strategic Plan for 2015-18, including nine key priorities to be tackled over the next three years.

The nine priorities outlined in the strategy document are:

  • Consolidation of existing service provision
  • Accommodation review
  • Increased carer support for pre and post bereavement care
  • Partnership working
  • Provision of support and services to more people with life-limiting illness
  • Respite and response service
  • People strategy
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Communications strategy

Mandy Yule, Chief Executive of the Ayrshire Hospice explains:

“We know that the people of Ayrshire care deeply about a safe, holistic and attentive approach to care, as defined by our services.  We also know that the number of people requiring joined-up, health and social care services for palliative, and end of life, care is increasing.

“Over the next ten years we expect to see the number of people in Ayrshire aged 75 years and over increase by 28%. The rising incidence of dementia will result in more people living longer with multiple conditions. In addition, those diagnosed with cancer or other life-limiting conditions will become increasingly vulnerable as they will be living longer with multiple, complex symptoms. This will all be compounded by fewer family carers and a significant rise in single person households.

“Our Strategic Plan for 2015-18 is ambitious, stretching and innovative. It will ensure we are well placed to respond to the challenges ahead and meet the needs of our community in years to come”.

Based on three core values - person-centred, exceptional services and relationships - the strategy has been written following extensive consultation with staff, volunteers, patients, professional bodies, partners and other key stakeholders, and builds on the success of a previous five year strategy.

Sheena Cochrane, Vice-Chair of the Hospice Board concludes:

“The 2015-18 strategy highlights the hospice’s continued commitment to putting patients and their families firmly at the centre of everything we do. We also commit to striving for excellence and building collaborative working relationships by listening to, respecting and valuing the contribution others can make, in an effort to help us further improve the excellent services we offer.

“Our 2015-18 priorities will help us to consolidate and move towards where we, our patients, their families and our partners would like the hospice to be by 2018.  The strategy is in line with the Scottish Government Quality Strategy (2010) and other national drivers and the Hospice Board look forward to supporting the Senior Management Team and employed and voluntary staff in realising these ambitions” 

Read the Ayrshire Hospice Strategic Plan for 2015-18.