Ayrshire Bluebell Free Gardeners make bloomin’ good donation to the hospice

Ayrshire Bluebell Free Gardeners make bloomin’ good donation to the hospice

Posted on 8 August 2016 by Monika Reichelt

The Ayrshire Bluebell Free Gardeners recently donated a generous cheque for £500 to the Ayrshire Hospice.

Hugh Sanders, Treasurer for the Ayrshire Bluebell Free Gardeners said “We’ve made donations to various charities over the years and this year our chosen charity has been the Ayrshire Hospice.  We supported the hospice around five years ago and it was nice to reminisce and go back to visit the hospice gardens again.  We know that the donation has been thankfully received by the hospice and hope that we are able to support them again in the future.”

Primarily a Preservation Society, the Ayrshire Bluebell Free Gardeners is a group open to individuals who are interested in Free Gardenery and the long history of the Order of Free Gardeners. Their main objective is to research local Free Gardeners Lodges and preserve their beautiful embroidered aprons, jewels and other items of interest. The Lodge is non-profit making and endeavours where possible to help charities with their causes.  Each year, the Worthy Master of the Lodge nominates a charity of his choice and this year the Ayrshire Hospice was fortunate to be the chosen charity.

Ron Swanson, Assistant Fundraising Manager at the Ayrshire Hospice said “We are truly grateful to the current Master of the Lodge, Alan Buntain and the Ayrshire Bluebell Free Gardeners for making such a generous donation.  We are so fortunate that our hospice is so well respected throughout Ayrshire and we feel privileged to be the group’s chosen charity. Thank you to everyone who so kindly donated.”

For more information on how you can help to raise funds in aid of the Ayrshire Hospice please contact the community fundraising team on 01292 288488 or email community@ayrshirehospice.org