Annual Overview 2017-18 (1)

Shaping Ayrshire's Hospice

Posted on 3 December 2018 by Katie Ronald

Our latest annual overview "Shaping Ayrshire's hospice" is out now! You can read the flipbook or download it from Containing all our latest facts and figures.

During 2017-18, the Ayrshire Hospice touched the lives of many patients and families: 

  • A total of 1,398 referrals made to the hospice from across Ayrshire
  • 286 of those patients were admitted to the in-patient unit
  • 67 were discharged from the in-patient unit
  • 175 referrals were made to Solas day services
  • 3,605 visits were made to patients in the community
  • 1,414 visits were made to a total of 371 patients by the Respite and Response team
  • 924 referrals were made to the hospital palliative care team
  • 3,205 review visits were made by the hospital palliative care team

Hospice services are free of charge and are available to patients over 16 years of age throughout Ayrshire and Arran. The funding of these services does, however, require extensive, on-going fundraising and NHS support to exist. During 2017-18, it cost over £7.7 million to run all hospice services, including clinical, fundraising and support services - equating to over £21,000 per day. Against this £7.8million was raised, with £4.5million being raised through voluntary donations alone. For the first time ever our shops network brought in over £1million of income! Over £1million was also left in bequests and legacies by people in their Wills. This was closely followed by general donations and gift aid as the next highest income stream, realising over £860,000.  NHS Ayrshire & Arran provided welcome partnership funding of over £2.8million.