Learning & Development

Learning & Development

We are a University Hospice with links to the University of the West of Scotland. 

Our education service is renowned as a centre of educational excellence and aims to ensure that all professional carers receive the education and training they require to enable them to provide the correct level of high quality palliative care, regardless of a patient’s diagnosis or place of care.

We are specialists in the education, training and development of professionals in a range of health and social care settings and have expertise in all aspects of palliative care as well as in communication skills, clinical skill development, moving and handling and first aid. We offer a number of nursing courses at the hospice as well as providing clinical placements for student nurses, junior doctors and others in training.

Our education provision includes a variety of annual and ongoing initiatives delivered at different educational levels to meet the needs of individual learners and caring organisations. The service is also involved in initiatives at both local and national level meeting the need of individual professionals as well as caring organisations. Local events are held at the hospice as well as in other venues across the NHS Ayrshire & Arran region.

Our education service offers a range of education and training opportunities, through:

  • Training and development of our own staff and volunteers. Patients can be confident that care is provided by a multi-professional team who are suitably qualified and skilled to do the job. The education department provides a range of courses and study days for the hospice team, equipping them with the skills to help them provide the best possible palliative care to all patients and families.
  • Our annual programme of short courses and study days.
  • Outreach programmes tailored to meet organisational needs.
  • Higher education courses provided in conjunction with The University of the West of Scotland.
  • Placements for those learning the caring professions e.g. student nurses and medical students.
  • Library facilities.
  • Hire of teaching accommodation and meeting rooms.

For further information please contact the Education Service on 01292 294408 or email admin@ayrshirehospice.org