Online fundraising means no physical cash, no banking and all your money comes direct to the charity. It means you can reach more and more people as you can share your page virtually and Just Giving is a well-known name.

Step one

Sign up for Go Purple. Receive your FREE fundraising pack with hospice flags, banners and balloons to help promote your page.

Step two

Create your Just Giving page. It only takes a few minutes and is easy to do, if you struggle help is always on hand at our fundraising office, just give us a call 01292 288 488. Visit Just Giving, go to the orange 'Start fundraising' box, sign in to your account if you have one (if it’s your first time create a log in and password) and follow the instructions, answer a few questions and you have yourself a fundraising page!

Step three

Tell people why you are fundraising. When setting up your page there is an option to share why you are fundraising, we would recommend saying a few words about your motivation for taking part in Go Purple. This helps to personalise your page and helps your friends, family and colleagues understand how important it is to you. There will be a default photograph at the top of your page but we recommend you use one of your own to further personalise your page and engage with your sponsors.

Step four

Share, share and share again! Social media is a wonderful tool for fundraising, you can let everyone know what you are doing and who you are doing it for at the click of a button.  Share the link to your Just Giving page, include a photograph or a few words about what you are doing and why.  Use all your platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In to name a few.  Pin the link to the top of your Facebook page or put the link in your Instagram BIO. It’s not all about social media you can also send an email out to your contacts, What’s App group chats or text to all your mobile contacts.

Step five

Enjoy your event. We will receive notification from Just Giving that you have set up your page and as your fundraising starts the money will be paid direct to the charity fortnightly, so there is nothing else you need to do. Once you have finished your Go Purple fundraising you simply log on to your Just Giving page and close the page (don’t worry if you forget it closes automatically after so many months of inactivity).  

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