2020 Kilimanjaro Trek

Kilimanjaro Trek

Friday, 06 March, 2020

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Graeme Strawhorn
Tel: 01292 288488

It’s hard to believe it’s almost ten years since we last climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in March 2010 and we’re getting geared up for a very special 10th anniversary trek to, once again, take on the mighty mountain in Tanzania in March 2020!

The trek will progress over six days along the Machame Route which is the most popular route on Kilimanjaro. Machame’s draw is in its scenic beauty. This route does have its challenges but with the correct training and preparation it’s sure to be the experience of a lifetime! Take it from me it’s pretty spectacular!

Departing on 6th March for ten days, you’ll trek for six days and be able to experience many different surrounds including rainforest, heather and open moorland, baron moonlike landscape, the strange but beautiful Senecio Forest, the mighty Barranco Wall and the rocky ascent towards Uhuru Peak in darkness. 

Minimum sponsorship for this trek is £4,505 with a £395 deposit.  Your fundraising can include events, activities and personal sponsorship and the fundraising team can help you with tips, tricks and ideas on how to raise your funds.

If you’d like further information or have any questions, please contact the fundraising team on 01292 288488 or email events@ayrshirehospice.org