Tea at 3

Tea at 3

Throughout June we’ll be encouraging everyone to take part in Tea at 3.  It's fun and easy to get involved in and we would love to have your support!

We can give you lots of ideas – A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, ask colleagues for a donation at their tea break; run a Tea Dance at your local club; a garden party; or even a G&’T’ party!  We can help print tickets and posters for you too.

You could also get in the spirit by holding a Royal Ascot Party on 18th-22nd June and it's also the Queen's birthday parade on Saturday 8th June - what better way to celebrate than by holding an afternoon tea event in aid of the hospice?

It’s also Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June - why not hold a family event and spoil your dad!

To take part please contact Lyn on 01292 288488 or email community@ayrshirehospice.org.

To all of our past and present Tea at 3 supporters, a big thank you!


“I'm always delighted to be able to do something in return for the care the hospice provided for my mother-in-law and my grandad”. Gemma Strain, Tea at 3 host who has organised some wonderfully-themed parties including Tee off for the Hospice, Tea in the Park, CelebriTea and Eightea!


“I fundraise for Ayrshire Hospice as they helped me and my family at a difficult time.  My dad was dignosed with cancer when I was 7 and by the time I was 11 years old, he became terminal.  The hospice supported us by making him as comfortable as possible for the last few months of his life.    The staff were so supportive and they understood that this was a difficult period in time for me when I was so young. 

"It is because of the kindness and time that they spend with their patient which makes then unique and special, they take the time to get to know them as well as their families and in return the family bond with the hospice is stronger through this difficult period in their lives”. Rachel Collins,  Tea at 3 host who has been raising funds for Tea at 3 for five years - first at Grange Academy and then at Ayrshire College.


“I decided to host my Tea at 3 as I sadly lost my dad to prostate cancer 9 years ago and the care he was given in the hospice was fantastic! Everyone has been so generous even the people who couldn't make it on the day.  Definitely a team effort for a fantastic charity that touches the lives of so many of us”. Gillian Jennings, Tea at 3 host from Prestwick