Check out our fundraising booklet for hints, tips and guidance for organising your own fundraising event.  You can  check out an A-Z of fundraising ideas on p. 6 to get you started...

From abseiling to afternoon tea or a wheelbarrow race to a whist drive we would love you to raise money for the Ayrshire Hospice. Are you feeling more adventurous? Why not try cycling from London to Paris, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or skydiving? There are a number of organisations who can support you with this.

We are unable to recommend any specific organisations however we have included a few sites below for your information.  Please note that there are more organisations available so take a look and we look forward to hearing from you!


Ross and Scott from NATS - Everest Base Camp

Discover Adventure:

 Global Adventure Challenges:

 Ride the North:

 Skyline Events:

If you require any further help or support, please contact the community fundraising team on  01292 288488 or email [email protected]