I will always remember Dan. After taking early retirement from the Bank of Scotland, Dan decided to keep active and help others, so he became a volunteer driver at the Ayrshire Hospice. For almost 16 years, Dan drove patients from their homes to the Hospice to access both the In-Patient Unit and Day Services. He would also routinely go as far as Glasgow so that patients could receive cancer treatment.

Dan had a natural ability to put others at ease, he spent time getting to know every patient and he always had a smile on his face. He even gave up his time on Christmas Day to drive patients so that they could spend a short while with their families, in their own home. Dan was just happy to spend time with people and do what he could to make their day a bit easier.

In March 2020, Dan and his wife Lynn travelled to New Zealand for their daughter’s wedding but as they arrived, Covid-19 broke; the wedding was cancelled and the country entered lockdown. After eventually making to back to the UK, Dan readjusted to life in lockdown, unable to volunteer at the Hospice due to the coronavirus restrictions.

As if circumstances were not challenging enough, in August 2020, Dan began to feel unwell and in September he was diagnosed with cancer.

Dan became ill very quickly and he soon made the decision that he wanted to be at the Ayrshire Hospice. After years of volunteering, the Hospice was like a second home to Dan and during his stay with us; he was cared for by the same staff he had volunteered alongside. Dan said that he wasn’t scared of being at the Hospice; he was ready.

Dan McKiernan passed away on 13th October 2020. We will always remember him and will be forever grateful for everything he did for us and our patients. Thank you to his wife, Lynn and his daughters Susie and Kerry for allowing us to share Dan’s story with you.