Board of Directors

The Ayrshire Hospice is governed by the hospice Board of Directors, membership of which is drawn from the Ayrshire community. Board Members are elected, non-executive Directors and Trustees of the hospice and have equal responsibility in law for the actions and decisions of the Board.

The Hospice Board:

  • has an overriding duty, individually and as a Hospice Board, to act in the best interests of the Ayrshire Hospice at all times, and to the benefit of present and future beneficiaries, in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • must ensure that the Ayrshire Hospice's vision, mission, values and activities remain true to its objectives, as outlined in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • is responsible for ensuring that the Ayrshire Hospice complies with the Companies Acts, The Charities and Trustees Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and other relevant legislation, and meets the requirements of its regulators.
  • is responsible for the regular review of the Memorandum and Articles of Association to ensure they continue to be in line with legislation and the changing needs of the Ayrshire Hospice.
  • is responsible for the strategic direction of the Ayrshire Hospice. Day to day implementation of strategic plans, however, is delegated to the Senior Management Team.
  • is responsible for ensuring the solvent and effective running of the Ayrshire Hospice by setting and monitoring a framework of delegation, internal control, policies, plans and budgets.
  • in particular, is responsible for setting and maintaining a framework for the effective performance of the Hospice Board, in accordance with the hospice's Good Governance Principles.
  • is responsible for the appointment and ongoing management of the Chief Executive.
  • has a continuing duty to ensure that all risks to the Ayrshire Hospice, including its property, assets and reputation, are identified and appropriate steps established to mitigate against those risks.

Current Board Members are: