In Memory

Elizabeth (Liz) Wragg

09 May 1966 - 23 Apr 2022

Liz was and always will be the most influential person in my life. She was simply everything to me and I want her memory and for her life to be remembered and never forgotten. Liz touched the hearts of everyone who met her and knew her, and she leaves a gaping hole in the lives of her devoted husband Stewart and her boys Chris and Jamie too. Liz was the most loving and caring sister and words don’t even begin to cover the immense gratitude I have towards her.

Navigating life without her and trying to figure out who I am without her is impossible just now and I think it always will be. Our childhood was difficult as both our parents had mental health issues that made them sick off and on over a long period of our young lives. Liz became my parent/sister/best friend/ protector and so much more. She would take me everywhere with her, even throughout her teenage years when she should have been burden free. However, she never ever made me feel like a burden. She included me in everything she did, and all her friends embraced me with love and affection. I had attended wild parties, had my ears pierced, walked the streets of Killie at night and hung out for video nights with my big sis and friends by the age of 10. As a family we always remained very close and Liz as well as my dear mum were the glue to that family. Every family birthday and Christmas was celebrated with Brady/Wragg house parties where the whole family would come together. Liz and my mum would always be the 2 who would dance the night away, this was her at her happiest. Following the death of my beautiful mum in 2010, Liz continued to encourage us all to come together, and she and Stewart always held special gatherings at their house.

When Liz was diagnosed with Advanced Bowel Cancer in 2016, she asked me to be her cancer buddy, to be part of her “care team”. Although the day-to-day intricacies involved in Liz's complex care was carried out by Stewart, I was privileged to be part of that. I never thought it was possible for Liz and I to become closer, but over the next five and a half years we spent so much time together. I’d lie beside her during her chemo and radiotherapy recovery, holding her hand and giving her hand, shoulder and head massages. She talked to me in ways she’d never before. She was strong beyond belief; she never gave up and never complained. She would try and make me feel better about her situation. She still was protecting me. During the early stages of her treatment, we’d go walks and wee lunches and play music in her bedroom just like we did when we were kids. Liz was more than a sister; she was just everything to me.

I have created this page as a tribute to her, to share with others what she meant to me. It is my hope that the rest of our family and her many friends will contribute to this webpage. That it will be an outlet for their grief and a place to share memories and the love everyone had for Liz. Please jump on and share what Liz meant to you, let’s keep evolving this page in Liz’s memory. Thank you. Ally This is the poem I wrote for Liz and read at her funeral. It’s called SET HER FREE

Set her free

To rise above the pain that gripped and her fear of giving up 

Set her free to live again to shine her light and share her love 

Take her home the time has come, may she feel peace and the light waiting for her 

Oh my dear sister how I love you so, I never thought I could let you go

Your love has defined me, it’s all I know 

You always were an angel to everyone you knew

You always will be just one that now has wings 

So, good night my precious sister, may your soul rest and your spirt glow

And know that everyone here today loved you more than you could ever know

Dedicated to a sister by a sister

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